Jamaican Patois Words, Sentences and Phrases

by admin on August 20, 2011

Jamaican Sentences Broken Down into their Individual Words, and Phrases

Learn Patois jargon:

Frah wha – from what
pawt – part
yuh deh – you from
example: Frah wha pawt yuh deh? – Where are you from?  / From what part are you?

suh – so
yuh – you
nah guh - not going
badda – bother
example: Suh yuh nah guh badda guh – So, you are not going to bother going

cho – an exclamation meaning wow, DARN ! etc.
ah weh  - to where
eem – him/her (usually “him” in most cases)
tink eem ah guh – thinks is going to
duh – do
example: cho! ah weh eem tink eem ah guh duh? – DARN ! What’s does he think he is going to do?

ah sake ah – it’s because of
ar – her
mek eem – why he
nah lef – not leaving
yah – her
example: ah sake ah ar mek eem nah lef yah – it’s because of her why he’s not leaving here

dah – that
breddah – brother/man/guy
deh – right there (optional because this sentence would still make sense without it)
mout ah massy – chatterbox / talkative
eeh! – isn’t he/do you agree
example: dah bredda (deh) mout ah massy eeh! -that man (right there) is talkative, isn’t he?

cooh deh! – look at that!
deh ah – they are
galang lakka seh – behaving as if
dem – they
nuh ha nutten – do not have anything
example: cooh deh, dem ah galang lakka seh dem nuh ha nutten – look at that! they are behaving as if they do not have anything

gimme -give me
ah bulla – a ginger cake
as brawta – an extra for free (in Jamaica they sometimes offer an extra 1 of something for free if you have already bought something)
ah fawty dolla wut ah – and forty dollars worth of
callaloo – spinach
caw – because
ah frah mawning – since this morning
mi nuh nyam – I have not eaten
example: gimme ah bulla as brawta ah fawty dolla wut ah callaloo, caw ah frah mawning mi nuh nyam  - Give me a ginger cake (for free since I’ve bought one) and forty dollars worth of spinach, because I have not eaten since this morning.

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